Live-Streaming Made Easy with Your Sport Live

15 Jul 2020 08:01130

We are group of locals who have been involved in grass roots sports for over 20 years. We'd like to make it possible for all sports, at all levels to be streamed everywhere.

Historically, it has been both expensive and complicated to live broadcast sports. As a consequence, only sports practiced by professional athletes have had the economy to be broadcasted live.

By making it simple and cheap, to access live broadcast sports, we create the opportunity for all youth and amateur sports at all levels to be broadcasted live.

A web platform where everyone with an internet connection and a smartphone or tablet can broadcast matches and sport events live by using our live broadcast app on IOS or Android.
These can be in turn watched in HD by anyone with an internet capable device. This OTT Platform also has the ability to collect payment and create a revenue stream for clubs and organisations by collecting subscriptions.

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